Well first off let us take this opportunity to Thank all that helped make this night so special.You for coming.All the bands that played.The Big Bop for donating the venue free of charge.Emergenza concerts for donating the equipment.....THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

This was our Second Annual Breast Cancer Benefit and we are proud to say we raised another $3000 like last year bringing out two year total to $6000...not too shabby!! As far as promotions go putting a show together on Easter Sunday would normally be total Suicide.Not to mention competing with The Sopranos season premier and the Devils Islanders hockey game that would leave the Toronto Maple Leafs Golfing with my Flyers..haha.But hard work and tons of promotion helped make it all a huge success.Many in attendance last night donated money at the door on top of the $10 to get in.One individual in particular paid $20 for him and his Daughter and another $100 for the cause.Awesome!! Thats what its all about.Such an incredible cause and we are so proud to have embraced it.

Even though this show was promoted by us its a benefit for all involved.I am so proud to call these Bands and people that came out friends.We did this together and we should all be congratulated....Cheers!!!!

The Club had a strange smell in the air last night.I was trying to figure out what the hell it was and then it hit me.....Sweaty Punk Rock and Easter dinner!! So many people told me last night they left Family functions to attend..haha...Last night was also jam packed with incredible Gorgeous Girls!! I dont know how we do it but damn we get the pretty girls out to shows.I think I got home last night with 100 Perfume smells on me from all the hugging that went on......No arguement there!! Girls totally Rock!!! Especially our Girls!

It was an extremely long day for us.I left my home at 11:00 am and got home at around 1:00am after the show.It was a long day and I really felt it onstage even though I tried my best to entertain.For those of you that were not there I dressed as Jesus H Tard again.And the band wore pretty pink 3TARDS shirts all night.I even wore a cute little pink Toque that I gave away during our set.All in Good fun!!

Anyways We love you All!!!! Thank you all so much for making the show a great success and we cant wait to do it again next year.

- John Tard