On Sunday, March 5, John Tard, Fox Tard, Wounded Paw's Preston, and our number one fan Nathan gathered at TCB Tattoo Parlour on Queen West in Toronto. This would be one of the greatest days in the history of THE 3TARDS, as Nathan would soon be adorned with the coolest tattoo in the whole world... ON HIS ASS! When Preston arrived, he was asked to photograph the process, but claimed that he was "way too hung over to take pictures of another guy's ass." The task fell to Fox, with John filming for posterior posterity. Tattooist Bryan Turnbull got things started quickly. What ensued was incredible, unbelievable, awesome! And it left an indelible mark, ensuring that for at least one person, the memory of THE 3TARDS will never die!

Visit TCB Tattoos at 618 Queen St. West, Toronto, Ontario, M6J 1E4, (416)203-1615

Meet Nathan

Meet Nathan's pristine, unsullied ass

Bryan applies the stencil...

...and gets right to work>

The outline is done - the dirtiest ass since the time Fox Tard didn't make the bathroom in time

Nathan is LOVING it!

The masterpiece is complete!

John Tard is the happiest man in the world now