Corner Brook Newfoundland. My favourite place possibly in the entire country. Gus Tard's home town. When we showed up, Gus's family immediately took us in and treated us like members of the family. We jammed with his dad, ate his mom's incredible home cooking, and partied with his Aunt Ruby and cousins Nate and Natalie for days. We even went fishing with his best friend Mike. The show was a blast, with some great opening bands. Savage Cabbage were under age and had to bring permission slips from their parents (displayed below) so they could play the show! The club gave us a free pitcher of beer at the club. This may sound chincy until you see the MONSTER JUG that they handed us. The size of a garbage pail. Can not stress enough how much I'm looking forward to coming back to Corner Brook again one day.
- Fox Tard