This tour was built around two shows - and this was one of them. The show did not disappoint. It was a downtown St. John's Saturday night, and the turnout was stellar. We were lucky enough to have two bands open for us that by no means should be considered opening bands. Tough Justice coming out of retirement with our good friend and show promoter John Fisher, and local legends sHeavy, who would prove to be one of the toughest acts to follow on this tour. When I was backstage putting on my nun costume, I looked into a mirror and said "now you've gotta kick fucking ass to keep the energy in this club." I'm proud to say that we played incredibly that night. What was really cool was meeting all of our St. John's fans, like Donna, waiting to meet us prior to the show, treating us incredibly well, considering we had never played there before. I was humbled by the experience, Fox Tard played completely naked. He also smacked me in the head with his guitar by accident. I also opened the show getting punished by God for my nun costume by my crucifix flying up and cutting my face open. Gus Tard played on a 4 foot drum riser, and Le Tard was a guitar god! St. John's is probably the coolest city I have ever been to in Canada. When we left the club at 2 a.m., the streets were full of people, and the partying never ended!
- John Tard