On July 7, 2007, at the DOA show, John Tard and Fox Tard received another blessing in their lives - the birth of their first child. It was a momentous occasion - the first natural live birth of a baby from inside of a man! So many people, including scientists, religious figures, even their parents, said it couldn't be done, but they defied the odds! Alas, the joy did not last, as partway through the 3TARDS set following the birth, the child was kidnapped right from John Tard's hands! But we've decided to celebrate the joy of that day rather than the pain, so here are some pictures:

Fox Tard in Lamaze class!

The proud fathers!

The first ever pregnant person to pee standing up into a urinal!

Beer makes a baby good!

The birthing begins!

There was some slight hemorrhaging...

John Tard feels Fox Tard's pain while nurses Dee and Karen look on

The baby, after some complications, arrives alive and well!

Daddy Fox Tard cradles his son!

The proud fathers embrace!

Fox Tard looks concerned as John Tard cuts the umbilical cord

Proud Papa John Tard admires Junior!

The hemorrhaging continues during the set

John Tard gives the underage kids home pregnancy tests so they don't get each other pregnant in the pit!

The kids are very grateful! No one wants to get knocked up in a mosh pit!

Just in case they do though, the first 300 of them who came through the door got a special 3TARDS diaper!