On Saturday, September 22, 2007, Keith Tard was officially welcomed to THE 3TARDS by playing his first show, a killer bash at our favourite home, The Kathedral. To initiate him into the Brotherhood of the Tard, he was baptised in the blood of the other band members. He proceeded to kick everyone's ass with one of our best sets ever! Immediately following the show, all of the band members' blood was tested for STDs. Lucky for Keith Tard, everything came back clean. Everyone coming into the show that night received a bag with a drop of John Tard's blood!

Backstage before the hazing

Keith Tard says "BRING IT ON, BEEYATCH!"

Keith drinks from John Tard's chalice of blood!

Bloody Keith shows off for the crowd!

The crowd, covered in 3TARD blood, is loving it!

Keith Tard and his swimmer's build rocks out - bloody-style!

Fox Tard dives into the crazy 3TARDS crowd to keep clear of John Tard's blood!

A job well done, Keith Tard, welcome to the family!