On December 16, 2006, Beetlejuice, the world's most famous little person, descended on Toronto to partake in one of the most historic nights in punk rock history! After taking questions from the crowd, the little superstar proceeded to TATTOO HIS NAME ON JOHN TARD'S CHEST, LIVE ON STAGE!! Incredible! THE 3TARDS then played an amazing live set, and have since released a DVD of the awesomeness, THE 3TARDS & BEETLEJUICE: LIVE 3TARDATION, available in the merch section.

John Tard picks up Beetle at the airport

Hanging out in the hotel before the show

Those earplugs go in one ear and out the other!

Is John in pain? Or creaming himself at the idea of being tattooed by Beetlejuice??!?

When John Tard is 80 years old, he'll still have to look at this!

Beetle takes some questions from the crowd

Now everyone knows what a huge dick John Tard is!