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When you’re a complete fucking idiot like I am, your dream has got to be to sing for a punk band one day. Kinda tough to do that if the musicians you know well live in Vancouver or have not been in your life for almost ten years. As a kid my best friend Mike (who would later become disgustingly wealthy as Mike Tard) played guitar and did it well. The problem is we were far too stupid to put two and two together and start a band! So I just sat and watched him learn his trade, and I sang in the shower and listened to my walkman really loud while walking on the train tracks in Brampton, Canada.

Mike and I are 34, so most of our favourite bands are from the ‘80s or before. Well after going to college with Mike (for two days), and living with him for years, he fucked off to Vancouver for almost a decade. Then one day in 2001 he told me he was moving back.

Immediately my brain started to turn. I asked him if he would like to be in a punk band and he said sure. So now we had a guitarist and a singer. Then I called up my wife’s brother Rich and asked him to play bass. He played a bit of guitar, but had never tried the bass. He bought one and we started jamming in his and Mike’s basements as… THE TROUSER SNAKES!

Remember, we had no drummer yet, so Mike would turn on the drum machine and we would play songs we would never hear again. I think the only song that survived the Trouser Snakes era is Little Dog Big Dick (our first song). After rehearsing for a bit we figured it was time to find a drummer. I knew just the guy – Rob Mills, drummer from Razor and a great friend growing up. One phone call and he was in.

By this time the name of the band had been changed to THE 3TARDS. We all agreed we liked this name a whole lot more. We would play our first and last show with this lineup on Saturday, May 25, 2002 at a local Brampton pub, Harry Flashman’s. We played 3 songs – a total of 7 minutes of music – but our set was 22 minutes long. All of us but Rob were drunk off our asses, me more than the rest. I spent 15 minutes just telling the crowd to fuck off, blah blah blah. I was so drunk I introduced a Dead Kennedys cover (When You Get Drafted), following which Mike Tard looked at me and said “we just played that one.” Oh well. The video of this show hurts to watch, but as time passes it becomes funnier to me. The bar was like a 40-plus singles club. People were eating dinner all over the place – not a friendly 3TARDS environment for sure.

Drama hit in a big way right after that gig. Rich Tard would leave the band. He didn’t really want to leave but he wasn’t committed enough to our jam schedule. In a friendly way he fucked off to Orangeville to pursue his lifelong dream of bongo playing.

Now this gets a little complicated. Rob Tard moved up to bass and I asked our friend Gus (who would also make zillions as Gus Tard) to play drums. Now we had the drummer from Canada’s premiere thrash band – Sacrifice – on drums and our bass player was from another top Canadian thrash band, Razor. With Mike Tard on guitar I believed with the talent of that lineup there would now be no looking back.

This lineup played its first gig show at an outdoor BBQ in Brampton on Sunday, September 1, 2002. Great time all around, but because of all the kids and elderly people in the crowd, I had to change half my lyrics so that we wouldn’t get killed. So we performed Little Dog Big Stick that night for the kids, the first and last time that would happen. We did introduce a brand new song that night, The Mullet, which has become Mike Tard’s absolute FAVOURITE song (kidding!)

We would play nine more shows with this lineup, seven in Toronto. Our first T.O. gig would be an absolute disaster! Saturday, March 29, 2003 at Third Floor Reilly’s. Absolutely NO ONE came. It was so sad. We just hung out with the other bands before and after our set. Great night, but not a real good ego booster, that’s for sure.

On Saturday, July 26, 2003 we would headline our first Toronto show, at the incredible Kathedral at Queen and Bathurst. But it would be our last with this lineup. Rob would leave the band, creating a tough hole to fill. We had just headlined a Toronto gig with six other bands, so we had to move quickly to get right back on the horse. I began calling everyone I knew in the scene about finding a new bass player. So many people were interested but none wanted to travel from Toronto to Brampton, where we jam every week. One name kept popping up, some prick named Fox. Supposedly he was a huge fan of the band, played bass, and was willing to do the weekly travel.

I posted flyers and ads everywhere, ordered two party-size pizzas, and waited for the huge turnout at our jam space on audition day. Only two people showed up. Mike Tard’s brother-in-law, and Fox. In the end Fox would get the gig and wear the handle Fox Tard proudly to this day.

His first gig would be Saturday, September 20, 2003 at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto. He would play completely naked on stage that night, at least for ten seconds until the bouncer stormed the stage and screamed “PUT YOUR FUCKING PANTS ON RIGHT NOW!” He would play naked again not too long afterwards in Hamilton, but at the request of our drummer Gus Tard, that would be the last time, as Gus doesn’t want to have to look at Fox Tard’s naked ass all night again. Understandable.

As of this writing, we’ve played 19 shows with this lineup to over 5000 people; had live appearances on Ed’s Night Party, CIUT 89.5 and 102.1 The Edge’s Dean Blundell show; recorded our first album - THE GREATEST HITS, VOL. 2; shot the music video for 3TARDED; and played with The Misfits, as well as the Dayglo Abortions not once but twice. Not too shabby. We are currently working on our second CD project (CRYSTAL BALLS), which we will be recording in August.

We are EXTREMELY proud of what we have accomplished so far and our next CD is no exception. We’re going balls deep with this one.

Thank you for your interest. You should feel appreciated, because you are.

John Tard,
Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hey Kids!! A lot has happened since our last bio update. As far as gigs go we have had some crazy shit happen live, including some of our best sets and wildest fans in Toronto. We have topless girls on stage, played our first Gay Bar and loved it in Barrie, played with The Dickies, The Misfits for an incredible second time and our biggest crowd to date, The Antics for a record 13th time, and we had well over 500 people attend our CD release party for Crystal Balls. Our CD release was absolutely insane. I get goosebumps when I think about it. When the crowd sang back “3TARDED” to us I was absolutely blown away. Mr. Plow flew in from B.C. just for the show and we were so happy to have him. The interaction with our fans makes all the other stuff worthwhile. Probably the reason we never miss a jam or a get-together as a band. We enjoy what we have done and our so happy doing it. Plus we kiss our fans’ asses and aren’t afraid to admit it. We truly do love’em. And I’m proud to say the feeling seems to be mutual. I get emails all the time from people that love the band because they enjoy having a fun time out and that no two shows are alike.

Costumes for me have been pretty wild since May 13th, including a Shark, Mountie, Court Jester etc.

In August we went into the studio to record our secondnd CD Crystal Balls at Signal To Noise in Toronto and were absolutely blown away. Rob Sanzo recorded us and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product. Sanzo and the Tards drank about 100 Red Bulls in 4 days. At the end of every recording day we were all wired on the shit. Mike Tard’s Gibby SG and Les Paul were absolutely smoking in the studio. Most of his solos were completely off the cuff and he has solidified his dominance on the gitter with this CD. Gus Tard was in total game shape. He was so focused he was scary. You can hear how stoked he was after track 10 on the CD (Rooming house Blues) when he screamed after the take. Like a wrestler that just tapped out Hulk Hogan - absolutely pumped!! Fox Tard was also totally focused on what we had to do on this CD. He played bang on and with his fingers (The way the Bass was meant to be played). I was so proud of his playing. It was funny watching the boys record this CD and realizing just how much we have progressed since our first album. I really sucked! I tried my best and the guys haven’t said anything to me but I’m positive my days are numbered in this band. They have been spending a lot of time lately without me so I figure a mutiny is coming any time now.

As far as other shit goes we have had a busy year. We had the infamous Absinthe incident at my house the day we shot the cover photo. Two and a half 26ers of the shit from the Czech Republic - 70% alcohol. With that crazy Wormwood shit. All I will say is I wasn’t right for about 3 days. Mike Tard and I did some pretty wild stuff that night including swimming in my pool fully clothed and me chasing everyone around my pool table naked. Anything else will remain with us – HAHA! Weird shit, don’t ever drink it.

We finally started getting some local press for this CD, including awesome interviews with Vortex, Nerve, Excalibur. We were blown away that Mary Dickie did a spotlight in the Toronto Sun for us, and we had a wicked sit down interview with Elizabeth Bromstein of Now magazine and we got a feature. We were on Ed’s Night Party again and it was our best appearance yet. The show was wild and we love Ed for having us back again. Things got crazy in the tub including my brown leather suit losing all of its colour in the water and freaking everyone out! I did another appearance on the Dean Blundell show on 102.1 THE EDGE. The spot went great and we are forever grateful to the show as fans and now as friends. Punkarama 102.1 had Fox Tard on for a super cool promo and they played Stuck On You. had us on and I believe we dissed the ANTICS so much people actually believed we hated each other – HAHA!

Last but not least we recorded our second CD and were proud to do it on WOUNDED PAW RECORDS out of Toronto. They got us a U.S. distribution deal through Corporate Punishment and we are totally psyched for what 2006 has to offer. Whewww! That was fun typing all of this with one finger. Stay out of trouble kids and hopefully one day our paths cross in the pit.

John Tard,
Thursday, December 29, 2005

Well kids, a lot of crazy shit has happened since I last updated this! We have been getting lots of great press from all over the world. In magazines, newspapers, on the radio, and on television – including a few seconds of me on the Dr. Phil show, if you can believe it, getting drunk. Not many people can say they were on the Dr. Phil show getting drunk (haha)! It really seems now that all of our hard work has finally paid off. Hundreds of hours of postering downtown Toronto in the rain, sleet and snow looks like it was all worthwhile after all. Since my last update we have gained distribution through Universal Records/Navarre across Canada! That’s right, every record store in the country, how cool is that? We have played some incredible shows since December 29, 2005, including many sell-outs. A London gig with the Matadors, Toronto with the Forgotten Rebels, A sold-out headline at the Bovine Sex Club in Toronto with our friend Mr. Plow. Our #1 fan Nathan dropped his pants that night to reveal to the crowd the brand-spankin’ new 3TARDS tattoo across his ass! We headlined killer shows in Guelph, Oshawa, Barrie (complete with wicked 3TARDS after party – thanks Nate and Jess), played a headlining gig in Ottawa where Fox Tard played seven songs completely balls naked, until the owner demanded he put his clothes back on. A lot of really creative new ideas and concepts were developed as well during this time. The TARD FOUNDATION membership club was created. Super-cool new t-shirt designs including the now infamous “Cocked And Loaded” shirt…with the gay cowboys! But best of all was an item we added to our Myspace page called the Daily Earful – we record messages to our fans Monday to Friday, every day, so they can have daily info from us personally about what’s going on. Usually it’s just gossip, show promotion or Fox Tard and I fighting with each other, but entertaining nonetheless.

On Wednesday, April 5, original guitarist Mike Tard left the band, but would remain with us until Friday, June 16, playing all remaining dates that had been booked prior. We wish him and his family all the best and thank him for being a part of something very special right from the get-go.

On Sunday, April 16, we headlined our first annual Breast Cancer Research benefit at the Reverb in Toronto. It was a huge success as $2,605 were raised and donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The show was dedicated in memory of Mike Tard’s mother-in-law Patricia Savage, who sadly passed away a few days before the show.

Our search for a new guitarist did not take long. We advertised all over the place and had some prospective applicants, but then we received an E-mail from a really good friend of ours and former guitarist of legendary Toronto band Bunchofuckingoofs. He was wondering if we’d be interested in his services. A couple of phone calls and he was our new guitarist – Le TARD was born! He began practicing with us immediately on April 29. His guitar skills are incredible and he was exactly what we needed because Mike Tard had some big shoes to fill. He will be our full-time guitarist for everything after June 16. We couldn’t be happier because he has been a friend of ours for a very long time.

In may something amazing would happen to THE 3TARDS. We would receive an E-mail from Barry Taylor at Edge 102.1 requesting us to play the Steam Whistle Indie Club on Saturday, June 10. Of course we said yes, it’s the biggest thing we’ve done so far! We are huge Edge supporters so it was great to get this opportunity.

Six days after our Steam Whistle Indie Club gig we played with legendary Canadian punk band D.O.A. This would be Mike Tard’s last show with the band. The place was jam packed and it was as wild as any show we have ever played. We were so honoured to be able to play with D.O.A. and they were some of the coolest guys we have ever met. Mike Tard was visibly moved by two different farewells – one from the Antics and a monstrous ovation wishing him well during our set. Le Tard was side stage wishing Mike well also, and the official changing of the guard was now a reality. As of this writing we are just wrapping up some final dates for an East Coast tour in August and a Japanese three-week tour in January, 2007. Things are looking good… REAL good! I truly do love you all and I would like to thank you all for helping us through this insane journey known as THE 3TARDS!

John Tard,
Sunday, June 18, 2006

Well well well... The 3tards are in full flight in 2007 and a bio update is longoverdue. I guess I will begin with where we left off back in June of 2006. LeTard has not only solidified our guitar sound he has forged a friendship thatwill last forever. He plays with so much emotion and really enjoys what we aretrying to accomplish with the band moving forward.

We have played 18 shows since Le Tard came into the band including a headliningtour that spanned 6 Canadian provinces. We have played with many great bands inthe last 6 months that include The Unseen, Matadors and Hostage Life twice.I could speak for hours about stories from the road on tour. But some of thehighlights were eating Filet Mignon behind a Montreal club on our BBQ whilelocal punk bands watched us in disbelief, poutine at every stop we could handleand sitting there stunned  while Le ate and ate and atem, reaching Halifaxand finding a guy on the street panhandling for change with an "I need tosee THE3TARDS tonight sign," hanging with Gus Tard's family inNewfoundland and playing twice there, and almost getting killed 6 times bymoose on the highways. His family is awesome and we love each and everyone of them like family. I miss them daily. Eating moose meat on the tour datesafter Nfld and eating it in PEI and New Brunswick was awesome. The promoter inNew Brunswick was positive we had carved the meat off a dead moose and we wereeating roadkill haha... Fox Tard played nude 5 of the shows on tour and madequite a buzz out east. And then we ended the tour in the mighty Oshawa. Don'tlaugh that town bleeds punk rock!! 7500 kms on the road in two weeks. And a tonof laughs and stories most of which we could never post here.

When we returned we took September off cuz Gus Tard had his muchanticipated Sacrifice reunion show in September. He jammed with the origionalmembers and prepped for the September 23rd date at the Opera House in Toronto.The show was awesome and we were all there to cheer them on. They solidifiedwhy they are Toronto's premier Thrash band that night and we were all so happyfor them. We consider the two bands family. Even joked about startinga comical side project called..SACRITARD!!. They have recently announced theyplan on recording a new CD and writing is in full flight. Gus Tard has twoprojects on the go and he is in the unequalled position of playing with twoaccomplished bands in two genres. But he if anybody can handle it. And if hecant his son Bradley got a new set of drums for Christmas wink wink!

In November we played our historic third Bovine Sex Club show. We lovethat place. They treat us great and we always sell the joint out. Somethinghappened that night that goes down in Bovine history. At the end of our setduring the 3TARDED finish I jumped up and grabbed the ceiling cage and climbedupside down hanging from the ceiling right to the back of the bar. The owner complimented me on my creativity after the show saying it was a first HAHA...

Other insane items include: My 7 foot penis costume and our Beetlejuice show inToronto. The DVD is ready for production from that show which includes ourentire set and crazy behind the scenes stuff that includes him tattoing melive onstage and hanging with him during the day. Fox Tard and I were on theEdge 102.1 quite a few times. I even wore my 7 foot penis costume on the DeanBlundell show and tea Bagged all three of them {Audio on this site}.

2007 started out awesome. A great show in London where we all dressed likesailors. Hanging out backstage with Gus, Le and Fox we were like kids. Proofthat our friendship is stronger than ever. We are currently writing our thirdalbum and we are 3 songs into it! I can promise you all that it will punch yourteeth out of your mouth and make you and all of your sexy friends horny.Sadly the Japan thing looks bleak.The promoter fell off the face of the earthbut some other stuff is cooking... more on that later... We love you all anddont forget to circumcise your pets!!

John Tard,
Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fox Tard and I are getting married? Whose bright idea was this??!? So the year starts out with us playing a lot of shows, more than regular, and one of them includes a show with the Forgotten Rebels where Fox and I got married on stafe in front of a sold out crowd. We had these super cool tuxedo shirts, full wedding parties, and custom-made wedding rings to celebrate the gayness. It was the greatest night of my life! When was the last time you were at a punk rock show where two male band members got married on stage?

And then more important issues came up. We played our second annual benefit for Breast Cancer research, and raised another $3000 which brings our two year total to about $6000 for a great cause!

Then we decided to be cheeky monkeys and open for the SUB/HUM/ANS from England. We knew there would be a very serious politically-minded punk rock crowd in the audience. So we came out blazing with very serious political message shirts on and decrying everything from war to poverty to George Bush to eating meat. Of course whenever we'd introduce one of our very very serious political songs, the lyrics still sounded a lot like Manrapist and Gay Heavy Metal Singer. Some were not impressed!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that after Fox Tard and I got married, I knocked him up. So of course next on the list was having the baby live on stage. What better place to do that then on a bill with punk rock royalty D.O.A. in July? All I can really say about that is there was a gallon of blood all over the crowd and stage. Then some fucking asshole STOLE OUR BABY!! We can't find him anywhere, and we've started to get ransom notes asking for some pretty weird shit. We'll keep you updated as we learn more.

Sadly, following that show, our brother Gus Tard decided to hang up his horny helmet and call it a punk rock career. This news was incredibly unsettling considering the band had done 15,000 km on the road, almost a hundred shows, two albums, one DVD, countless laughs and limitless stories with him. We wish Gus Tard and his family only the best, and we are proud he is part of such a significant chapter in our story.

Luckily, we didn't have to look too far to find another great drummer, and in typical 3tard fashion we hired a guitarist to play drums for us - Keith, from our favourite Toronto band, local punk legends The Antics! We took our band pictures with him before we'd ever even heard him play the drums, hahaha how else would the 3tards do something?

A few other highlights of the past few months: Fox Tard played nude again, this time in Montreal; The 3tards became the first band in Newmarket ever to play a large portion of their set from behind a curtain where they could not be seen by the crowd; I had yet another feud with Johnny Rotten; and Le Tard once again ate more poutine than anyone else on the planet!

John Tard,
Thursday, July 19, 2007

So we just celebrated our 6th anniversary. Doesn't seem that long considering how much fun we have had and all the crazy shit we've done. I'm really excited about alot of things right now but nothing more notably than the power and force we have solidified in our live shows. Our live shows have become our bread and butter, but we honestly feel playing live and doing it well separates the men from the boys.

As of this writing we are 10 songs into the new Album and we will start booking studio time for our 3rd and best album "You win, You Lose." We are writing some incredible stuff that gives me goosebumps. Le, Fox and Keith are playing so well together I am convinced our 3rd album will be our best to date by far.

Keith Tard played his first gig with us on september 22nd in Toronto. He not only stole the show with his gallon of blood baptism onstage he played the songs as hard and heavy as ever. A week later we flew out to Vancouver for our West Coast Tour with Mr Plow and spent 2 weeks travelling through the most beautiful scenery on earth and playing some incredibly memorable gigs. Starting out with a packed Vancouver headline at the famous Cobalt. We destroyed more things on this tour - Le Tard blew a Marshall head, Keith Tard kicked through his kick drum one song in during our Canmore Alberta gig. I chipped a tooth in Victoria, Fox Tard played a few shows naked, 2 different gigs Girls stole the handcuffs off my belt, 30 minute barroom brawl in red deer, the now infamous Sofa Set in Edmonton where we played sitting down in easy chairs, playing Whistler and leaving only to arrive in Red deer 15.5 hours later staright drive and walking into the club before our set, the stories are endless when we are on the road. The best stuff we cant write here cuz my Grandma reads this stuff.

So we return back to T.O win some BoDog Battle of the bands preliminary round, play a sold out Bovine Sex Club Halloween gig where we give out condoms and candy, do an interview for gasoline magazine whick includes a naked photoshoot with Ron Boudreau, play a huge show with our good Friends the Dayglo Abortions dressed as metal dudes with full hair and devil horns..haha. Then we play a huge New Years Eve comes early gig in toronto on saturday December 29th, complete with satellite and live feed to New York City, hundreds of glowstick necklaces, party hats, blowhorns..haha. Then we play round two of the BoDog battle at the HardRock Cafe in toronto and win that too without selling one ticket!! The power of the Tard Nation and its online voting capabilities we get the most wildcard votes in canada with an incredible 57% so we move on to round 3..haha. Things are looking real good right now.Im proud to be 3tarded!!!!!!!

John Tard,
Saturday, January 19, 2008

Well as per usual, I let this final update thingy sit way too long before updating it. A lot has happened, including the announcement that we were playing our last show ever at the Kathedral July 18th 2009. The band has gone through a lot of changes, and has accomplished so much. But I felt the time was right to pack it all in. We added a rhythm guitarist, Dee Tard, to the mix to help Le Tard have more rhythm through his killer leads. That move single-handedly made us way heavier live. We finished recording our third, and what I believe to be our best, CD (333 Half way to Hell) with Brian Shelton and we were lucky enough to have Moe Berg from the Pursuit of Happiness on the disc as a producer, and sing backups with us on our song Punk Rock Girl. We also filmed an episode of Master Tracks on BiteTV, that was hosted by Moe Berg. Since the last update we have played at a ton of super cool venues, some for the first time (The Horseshoe, Opera house, Hard Rock Café, Oshawa Memorial Park) and some for the last time (The Embassy, Dungeon, Call the Office, The Bovine Sex Club and the Kathedral) as well as a full East Coast tour. Played DOA’s anniversary show at the Horseshoe, as well as the Forgotten Rebels 30th anniversary at the Kathedral. And I even think that we also played the Dayglo Abortions 30th anniversary at the Kathedral. Highlights for me were the 2 shows with SNFU and doing a mini 2-show tour with the Misfits. Raising over $10,000 from our 4 breast cancer gigs. And hanging out in New Foundland, which is always a highlight on any tour. Now. Sadly this weekend will be our last, I am anticipating an incredible pair of shows. Oshawa Friday and Toronto Saturday.

HOLY SHIT!!! I forgot about the mayhem in Oshawa that happened last month. Ha ha ha! It’s all documented in the pics and video section of this website. This Saturday will be our 38th show at the Kathedral (Big Bop in Toronto) and our 24th gig with the Antics. Some things never change. Thank you all for making us feel loved, we truly do appreciate all these awesome years. ‘Till we meet again.

John Tard,
Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The cover of our original cassette demo

The cover of our demo CD

The cover of our first full-length CD - THE GREATEST HITS VOL. 2

The cover of our second full-length CD - CRYSTAL BALLS

The cover of our third full-length CD - 333 HALFWAY TO HELL

The original lineup - John Tard, Mike Tard, Rob Tard and Rich Tard

The second lineup - Rob Tard, John Tard, Gus Tard and Mike Tard

The third lineup - John Tard, Gus Tard, Fox Tard and Mike Tard

The fourth lineup - John Tard, Gus Tard, Fox Tard and Le Tard

The fifth lineup - John Tard, Keith Tard, Fox Tard and Le Tard

The current lineup - Le Tard, Keith Tard, Fox Tard, John Tard and Dee Tard

Panic City x4
Janet Theory
Room Without A View
Random Killing x7
Murdersquad T.O. x7
Always Die Fighting
Son Of Bronto x2
Czechoslovakian Cock
Polidicks x2
The Downbelows x4
Death Becomes Her
Bunchofuckingoofs x3
The Johnny Law
The Whoremoans x2
The Bangers
Battlestar x2
Fucknuckles x3
The Matadors x5
The Eightysixers x2
Vexed Youth
The Hex
Dead Dogmatics x6
The Independents
Pantychrist x6
The G-Men
Forever Comes Crashing
The Heatskores x8
Dayglo Abortions x4
Mr. Plow x17
Trigger Happy
The Video Dead
The Antics! x24
The Fallout x2
Angry Agency
The Class Assassins x2
Tit Fuck Me Jesus
Krotch Wrott
Dirty Bird x2
Full Clip Orchestra x8
Underage Mouthfuls x2
Black Donnellys x6
The Misfits x4
Agent Orange
Rehab For Quitters x4
Saigon Distress Signal x2
Society Interrupted
The Delinquints x2
The Ripcordz
Maximum RnR x2
The Knockouts
Addiction To Nixon
The Green Bastards
The Dickies
The Farrell Brothers
Throck Morton
Famous Monsters x5
Social Blast
Missing Inaction
Ab Irato x2
No Reason
Fresh Meat x2
Lakeshore Bandits
I Killed Jesus
The Creepshow
Piss Drunk Hooligans x3
Forgotten Rebels x3
The Evil Doers
The Threat
The Groopies x6
Radar Hate x3
Ze Swines
Hellbound 71
Bob Heath & The Staggering Drunks
Mad Kid Disease
Perfect Patient
Hands Of The Few
D.O.A. x3
The Unseen
Hostage Life x2
Hell Yeah Fuck Yeah
Tear It Down
Maple Street Impressions x4
Bukkake Katholik
68PornoMags x2
BS101 x3
Organized Chaos x4
Cripple Crew
Depost Through The
Broken Panache
Crimson Tides
System Shit x2
Heavy Doobie
Fuckhead Bastards
The Embarassments
Savage Cabbage
Tough Justice
Double Ought Buckshot
Rocking Argentos
Caution Inc. x2
Crushing Revolution
And Many More...
The Diggers
Outbred Inlaws x5
Keepin' 6
Broadcast Zero
Cerebral Scrub
Beetlejuice from the Howard Stern show
Societal Hemorrage x2
The Cause If Anything... x2
Nose Over Tail
The Throwaways
End Program
Buzz Deluxe x2
FMR x2
Legendary Klopeks
The Great Orbax
Take'em All
Bored To Death
The Ramp Localz
Crown And Coke
Princess Riot
Hang Your Heroes
No Jimmiez
From Parts Unknown
The Boxheads
Toxic Youth
Troma Lisa
The Bators x2
The Sinsters
Outlaw Lovesong
True Trout
Hollywood Swank
Twisted Hazard x3
Nash The Slash
The RockOns
West End Riot x3
Lesbian Fist Magnet x2
Rock Pile
The Fight United
The SweatHogz
Back Alley Boozers
Brother Voodoo
For Truth Delusion
Mr. Awesome!
Princess Die
Write 2 The Head x2
The Odysseys x2
The Blood Theory
Secret Suburbia
First Time Fallen
The Atomic Ravens x2
Volume Water x2
Red Light Riot
The Golers
Rockets Away x2
Junior Vice Presidents
VII Days II Perfection x2
Automatic x2
Hello Beautiful
The Stiff Wires x3
Bring Down Whitey x3
Gentlemen's Club
Hello Libido
The Fountain Of Useless
Black Cat Attack x3
Sycho Logic
Central Blvd.
Murder Ride
Corporation x5
The Rotten
Rusty Trombones
The Drug Dealers
The Fudge Packers
JJ Allin
Nothing to No One x3
Knife Party
Black Moor
Myles Deck & The Fuzz
From Outer Space
Class War Kids x2
Don't Pay The Kidnappers
King Size Kids x2
Larry & His Flask
Green Jelly
Electric Acid Theatre
Left Spine Down
The Aces77
The New Enemy x2
Beyond The Black
Nardwuar & The Evaporators
The Weirdies
Green Star Army
BA Johnston
Omega 3 Fatty Asses
Oral Concentration
Sunday Warfare x2
Drop Dead Pin-ups
Stack And Large
Skull Krusher
The Talliband x2
The Sarah & Jeff Show
RIP 519
Panama Red
Charlotte Swallows
Self Control
Obnoxious Assholes
Insane Bastards
The Silver Screams
Suped Up Ritalin Boys
Permanent Bastards
Tie Breaker
Saving Glory
The Apathetics
All The Trendy Kids
Rapid Decline
Davita G
The Lisps
The Hyman Smashers