On Saturday, October 15, 2005, THE 3TARDS were invited to tape a second appearance on CityTV's ED'S NIGHT PARTY, with Ed the Sock! Not only was it possibly the greatest television appearance of all time, it involved everything from brown water to urinating swords, and TONS of sodomy! Here are some pics:

John Tard shows Fox Tard how he feels about him backstage before the show

Fox Tard does not look impressed

So John Tard dons his Viking Gladiatard gear and prepares to attack!

Fox Tard is quickly subdued, and retreats to the dressing room bathroom

John Tard enjoys a moment of quiet repose with Gus Tard following the battle

Gus Tard takes advantage of John Tard's lethargy, forcing him to commit unspeakable acts backstage!

Later that day in the hot tub, Jen & Tess hang out with the boys

Feeling unsatisfied however, they soon resort to amusing themselves

You do NOT want to fuck with Jen & Tess!