DAMN 13 did not play

What a fuckin gig!!!! This show was absolutely awesome. Whenever you play out of town it's alaways a huge gamble. I knew that we had nothing to worry about considering we were playing with local legends the MATADORS in their barn. I couldnt be more right. SOLD OUT!! People were turned away at the door at Call The Office and it made for a very packed, hot, sticky night. Just the way we like it...HAHA. Damn 13 couldnt play so it was a 3 band night but CREEPSHOW kicked ass so nobody cared lost a band. We were on right before THE MATADORS and our set got cut short 'cuz it was getting late. We had to scrap 5 songs and we played for about 25 minutes. No problem though. I dove into the pit twice for a killer finale and cut my head open but it was all worth it. We played tight but just when we were getting things really heated we had two songs left...it happens. London is now officially our home away from home. We have played their twice now and both times to insane crowds but this one was our first out of town sell out. That town rocks!!!!
- John Tard