Boxheads did not play

O.K so as most of you know by now we played a show in Oshawa last night.Oshawa is a great punk rock town and we absolutely love playing there but last night things got way out of control.Which isnt anything new for Oshawa considering last time we played there in September 06 the parking lot was full of Cop cars and ambulances as we left the venue.I still can honestly say I have never seen as much blood at a show as I did that night.Punks in the Shwa party with a capital "P" and after shows I think its tradition there to spend the night in Jail..HAHA..Anyways all kidding aside we love em and they love us so its a match made in heaven.So yesterday we were playing the new and improved Dungeon.Its a great venue famous for its hideous washrooms but incredible punk rock atmosphere.Big place lots of black paint in a basement with a really cool stage and good sound.Well anyways we had a bit of a snow storm yesterday and the highways crawled to Oshawa.From my home in Hamilton it took me 5 hours to get to the venue.I usually like to get to shows early to see the other bands and hang out but we arrived at the venue at 10:00pm.Funny thing is Fox Tard and Chris from The Antics were there early and they were calling me on my Cell phone as we got closer to the venue.Turns out the club was jammed with punks and they were in a pretty foul mood cuz the club aws throwing fans out for roughing it up in the pit and generally pushy behaviour? When I was about 20 minutes from the club Fox Tard calls me and says that a Riot was going to break out.Approximately 50-75 people were thrown out of the venue and the place was now full of Cops.The people outside in the cold were threatening to destroy the place and burn it down if they were not let back in.Fox And Chris tried to calm the masses proclaiming we were minutes away and we would find a way to get the show sorted out.I could hear the screaming and yelling over the phone...They love us in the Shwa what can I say? The phone went dead.And Fox Tard called me again.They had pulled the plug on the gig {FUCK}.People were absolutely pissed.The Heatskores hadnt even played yet.The Cops were inside and the full venue of insanely angry punks would not leave.I told Fox I would be there in minutes and drove miserably knowing that I had just spent 5 hours driving for nothing .Oshawa is normally a 1.5 hour drive for me.When I got to the venue people were pissed.The parking lot was full of Cops and yelling.I went into the venue and in the middle of the floor was about 6 Cops surrounded by an angry mob demanding the show to go on.I took one of the cops aside and told him I was in the3TARDS and I had just drove 5 hours for nothing.He told me the violence was getting out of hand and the venue could no longer control the crowd.You could hear the mayhem outside.People were happy to see me but I had to find a way to get this ship righted.As i looked for the owner the anger increased as they turned on all the lights and directed people to the door.Alot of yelling and fuck you's were flying.Punks were threatening the Cops .I found the owner and asked him what was going on.I pleaded with him to find a way to let the show continue and told him I would talk to the crowd.The sound guy agreed to let me talk on the Mic and the Cops and Owner decided to let the show continue.I told everybody we had just spent 5 hours on the road and we werent leaving without playing and the venue and Cops would let the show continue provided they keep the violence to a minimum..haha yeah right?...The lights turned off ,a huge cheer from all the punks and BLVD hit the stage.I went outside to tell Le Tard the show was a go and the huge crowd outside cheered when I told them all was well.Poor Gus Tard who was behind me on the highway was told it was cancelled then it was still on during the same phone call ..haha so he pulled into the venue in disbelief.Sadly alot of the punks that were kicked out earlier had split cuz it was freezing outside and I feel for them.I was also pissed I had missed The Dead Dogmatics{Our good friends} and Nose over Tail.We dedicated a song to them and our set was as wild as ever...thank you Oshawa from THE3TARDS for another FUCKINFANTACULAR story..HAHA..You are all nuts.And we love you for it!
- John Tard

This one was killer! A packed house full of kids got to see a while lineup of amazing bands blow their minds at this incredible show! Our whole band was pretty delayed in getting out there because of the weather (snowy and crazy traffic), but once we got on board, and John Tard had used his magic to calm down some of the kids (the show was almost shut down by the club and the cops at one point because people were getting rowdy), the show went off without a hitch! Oshawa is totally our home away from home, and I can't wait to get back there again!
- Fox Tard