Well this was one of my favorite shows in a while.I wont lie to ya I always heard about the Dickies growin up but never listened to em for one reason or another. When this gig was announced I started doing a bit of homework on these guys and they were awesome. Jeeez these guys were the 2nd punk band on earth {After the Sex Pistols} to sign to a major label. Started in 1977 in California what else needs to be said. Stan and Leonard are still there right from the begining. We played for the second time with Rehab for Quitters and again with our good friends Full Clip Orchestra. When the Dickies hit the stage they were all business and what a hilarious stage show. Penis Puppet etc. Great musicians as well. They were great guys all around. They loved our band name and were awesome talkin with us backstage. Right at the end of our set we had some equipment get knocked over so we were pissed but other than that we played an awesome set. Mike Tard and Fox were discussing the equipment fuck up and Leonard{singer} came up to them and said "that's nothin guys I have to sing tonight with no teeth - I left them back in California!" How funny is that?
- John Tard