This was a show we all looked forward to. A road gig with a promoter that could do no wrong {Luigi}. He worked hard to make sure the night went well and it did. Played with a couple of new bands. Throck Morton {I really liked these guys} Farrell Bros {rockabilly}. Also the Antics made the trip with us and that made it like a big party cuz whenever those cats are around we have a blast. The Antics played awesome as per usual but even more so this time. This club C'est La Vie was incredible we had wicked sound in there and it was just simply really cool. But it was hot...really hot!! As a matter of fact we have never played a show as hot as that on stage. I think we all lost about 5 pounds each in sweat. Our set was tight. Everything went great and we couldnt have been happier to play before all of those friends and family in the Barrie area. Too many wild stories to list here...lets just say we can't wait to play there again.
- John Tard