Well what can I say? Although we have been on the Edge 102.1 many times before we had never played in the studio until last night.We were invited by Barry Taylor to play the Steam Whistle Indie Club.Our set was to start at 9:00pm but we were to show up at 7:30 for set up and soundcheck at 8:30.When we got to the studio the streets were already lined with punks waiting for our performance.The ultimate compliment.One punk even climbed the traffic light pole and was standing 20 feet up in the air with a 3TARDS shirt on{I took pics of him}.We also brought 500 Free T shirts for everybody kinda funny ones too.Snot green with "I saw THE3TARDS at the Edge 102.1 and all I got was this lousy T Shirt"!! Anyways the place was starting to really pack in so we did sound check with Stuck on you and I could tell the Studio had alot of energy in it.We did a really cool live interview on the air with Face and the crowd erupted when I raised my hands for a cheer on air it was almost deafening.By this time the place was so packed everybody was pushed right out onto the street.They opened up the sliding glass doors and people were actually standing on Yonge st.After the interview the boys set up and got into position while I put on my costume {A NUN in full Habit}.They started the set and I came out to a wild erruption of insanity with a cross in my hand.The set itself was tight but the crowds energy made this night all the worthwhile.The Edge security had no idea what hit them .I was told prior to playing that security would not tollerate moshing or generally wild behavior.Well they hadnt dealt with the Tard Nation yet?Well they got the wildest pit ive ever seen for 40 minutes and couldnt do anything about it.At one point I saw a security guard shaking his head in disbelief.Stage dive after stage dive.Moshing....One guy even did a perfect backflip on to the crowd while security just stood there in disbelief.Our fans stole the show!!I always knew we had the best fans on earth..This night solidified that!! Anyways the mayhem never stopped for a minute.We introduced our last song and our fans are smart enough to know we always throw in 3TARDED after Little Dog Big Dick so as soon as we kicked into 3TARDED absolute bedlam!!!!After our set we signed about 200 autographs talked with the maniacs that made the night what it was, and everybody left happy!!While packing up we had a chance to talk to the Edge staff and they all told us that our performance was the wildest they had ever seen in that studio.Only one band ever came close and that was the Foo Fighters...Pretty good company if I may say so myself.The police were there giving The Edge studios tickets for all the mayhem.I even got a picture with one of them still in my Nuns outfit.I would like to thank Barry Taylor for inviting us {He is a true friend of the band and a super solid guy} Also I would like to thank J.D for coming out to see us on one of his rare nights off from the Edge he has also been a huge supporter of us on Punkorama and in the scene.THE3TARDS are huge Edge 102.1 supporters.I wake up every day listening to the Blundell show and drive in my car locked on 102.1.But most of all I would like to thank all of you that took the time to come out last night and make punk rock history.You are all loved more than you realise...I love you and care deeply for each and every one of you!
- John Tard