Action did not play

This. One. Was. HUGE!!! Tons of people came out to see DOA and THE 3TARDS kick everybody's ass with some wicked hardcore punk rock music! They were NOT disappointed! We came out to Hanson's Mmmbob, wearing Hanson T-shirts and with a giant WELCOME HANSON FAN CLUB MEMBERS banner behind us, dancing up a storm. It was fucking ROCKING! DOA, who, by the way, could not be a nicer bunch of guys, destroyed! Their set was so tight and so kick ass you can see why they're still punk rock legends after all these years. There was some sadness too as this was the last show with original guitarist Mike Tard. A phenomenal musician, and close friend, he'll be missed by all of us, and we wish him luck. Seriously, a night to tell the grandkids about, no shit.
- Fox Tard