Low Frequency did not play

This was the Antics and 3TARDS 15th show together and it did not disappoint. The club was right on the Guelph University Campus and we were greeted with a giant banner welcoming THE3TARDS to Guelph. When we got into the club the booker Dave was awesome to us. He gave me our Guarantee and we got a very generous amount of beer for both bands and free food for all of us. We sat around eating chicken wings and we had a really great time hanging out. A Guelph writer interviewed us and then THE ANTICS went on. FUN FUN FUN is all I can say. Our set was a lot of fun as well. I did a stage dive and landed right on my knees and elbows. Damn it killed! The turnout wasn't much to be desired but the few that were there had an absolutely great time!
- John Tard