Holy fuckin shit!! Where do I begin? Let me just start off by saying thank you to all of the people that came out last night especially from great distances for a punk rock show, like Montreal and Ottawa.....you rule!! Everything went awesome last night.Insanely huge crowd with unlimited energy and everybody was in it for the long haul from the get go.Sometimes I wonder where people get 4-5 hours of moshing and pit energy from.I believe they are possesed by satan but I will save that for another blog one day.
The line up was incredible from the get go.M.S.I had the shitty opening slot but we had a solid 75 people in the club at 6:00pm doors and they really digged what they were doing.Really young dudes with a solid future in punk rock!
SOCIETAL HEMORRAGE played next and the place was getting increasingly nuts.Those boys are from London and they punched the toronto kids in the face with their fuck you style of punk rock.great guys too.
THE OUTBRED INLAWS followed and by now the club was pretty packed and these hillbilly bastards had a sea of mayhem infront of the stage.A giant circle of crazy moshing and generally unpleasantness filled the floor,the boys played backwoods cow punk that included Stompin tom covers..priceless!!
THE HEATSKORES often imitated never duplicated! These cats blew the lid off the joint as per usual.Smart ass Ska Punk with unnequalled energy and assholeness on a whole new level of assholeness.I believe I remember Eddy{singer}telling the crowd to start punching people in the faces.Then telling them to kick each other in the heads.Then singling me out for beatings by saying to beat the shit out of me.Fuck I love these guys.By now the club was jammed and sweaty as fuck.
THE ANTICS our partners in crime!! very simple really....KILLED!! Im so proud of these friends of ours and would die fighting to defend them.I was seriously getting worried the crowd would have no energy left when we hit that stage.But they were possesed by Satan remember.
THE WEDDING so we all went backstage and we had custom made 3TARDS tuxedo shirts made for the wedding party.Heres the Wedding party line up
We were all wearing them except for Eddy from the Heatskores.He was our minister so we had a super cool one of a kind shirt made with a white collar like a priest..haha.WE were backstage all got dressed.The Antics took all of their pants off and performed the service in their boxers.So the wedding music started and the boys walked out onto the stage one at a a time.The cameras were insane.You couldnt count the video,cameras,phone cameras in the crowd.The place was a sea of flashes.We had about 4 photographers onstage and about 100 infront of it.Fox Tard and I finally made it out and we all assembled before the crowd.They were going fuckin nuts.Fox and I stared into each others eyes as Eddy read the nuptials.Eddy called for the rings.We had custom made 3TARDS rings made for each other in silver.We put the rings on.Eddy read some scripture and asked us to repeat our vows to him.When he asked me if I take Fox Tard to be my husband the crowd went quiet.When I said ..I DO! They went absolutely ape shit in there.Then when he asked Fox Tard the same question Fox Tard paused for a second and said..I DO!! The crowd errupted again. Now everyone was anticipating what they had all came to see....THE KISS.haha..Eddy pronounced us Husband and Other Husband and asked us to kiss.We stopped and stared at each other for a second.And It happened.We locked lips for a couple of seconds and the club lit up with flashes and a deafening roar.WE dispersed from the stage and it was absolute bedlam.Now we had to play a gig!
THE3TARDS we have been playing for over 5 years now and nothing like last night has ever happened before.I was humbled by the crowd that showed us so much love and respect as they did last night.Several times during our set.They went off into 3TARDS chants between songs.So loud and mind numbing I had goosebumps.Gus,Fox and Le were so happy with our set we were in shock.We said we were going to destroy that place and we surely made every effort to do so,.I did a stage dive in the middle of our set that took me about two minutes to get back to the stage it was so wild..haha.I really felt special and loved.We all were blown away by the crowd singing all of our songs with us and the insanity that ensued.The stage diving ,the pretty girls, the moshing and fun.Fun is probably the best word to describe the night.Every bone in my body is sore this morning so it was a great show.we truly do love you and I want to kiss,hug,shake as many of your hands as I can.You all make it worthwhile....Thank you!!
FORGOTTEN REBELS this was our second time playing with these Canadian punk rock legends.Both shows were absolutely killer.They played all of their classics.And they do have alot of them.Mickey has so much fun at our gigs cuz he loves the wild crowds we help draw.As a singer I know I feed off them and Mickey is no different.He is the master of entertaining a crowd.He has a strut and a pompous fun loving stage presence that is so much fun to see.He has a great sense of humour and truly loves his musical legacy.The Rebels rocked out for about an hour and a half and the crowd couldnt get enough.They were absolutely great live and we are proud to have played with them again.And the best part is how nice and cool they all are.The crowd loved everything they did,and rightly so......FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!
A couple of side notes.The wedding pics we gave out Signed were huge hits.I even had a 4 foot high poster made and mounted on wood that we had the crowd sign.Im looking at it right now and its absolutely plastered with signatures and vulgarities..haha..I love it.I gotta hang it today.Also thank you all for the wedding gifts.The painting and the Girls underwear with the ass padding built in were awesome.And how can i forget the Bouquet of cocksuckers..hahaI will display them proudly forever....fuck I love the 3TARDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- John Tard Tard