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Our first time ever as a co-headliner with the greatest punk band of all time, the DAYGLO ABORTIONS! Oh my GOD what a show! We've never been tighter as a band, and the set was short, fast, and kicked some ass! Playing right before my childhood idols was a dream come true! An awesome fucking show!!!!
- Fox Tard

This show was extremely important to me personally. The Dayglos have always been one of my favorite bands ever. And this was our historic 3rd gig with them. Over the years we have become very close with them as friends and we are very proud to know them on a personal level. While we were on tour out west we hung with bonehead in his store in victoria {old nicks} while we were there bonehead said "we were thinking of coming out there in november you cats in?" haha..of course we were! Place was packed and rocking. We kicked mutha fuckin ass and it meant alot to me to say onstage..THE DAYGLO ABORTIONS up next!!!!!
- John Tard