3TARDS, THE: Crystal Balls: CD
The 3Tards, Toronto’s edgy punk band has finally defied all odds with their second long awaited album “Crystal Balls.” Supercharged with electrifying guitar solos that would make even Dimebag smile in his grave, The 3Tards effortlessly merge 80’s style rock with new age thrash. There is even a slight moment during the song “Crystal Balls” when John Tard sounds a bit reminiscent of Ian Astbury, lead singer of The Cult.

However, this album is in need of original lyrics; singing about a dog’s “little dick” and the explicit activities of a “Manrapist” are portentous, and nebulously impertinent. Thus in lieu of a conscientious band with charming aesthetical taste in its message, an individual receives a licentious oral barrage that is both confusing, and misleading. Nevertheless, The 3Tards have succeeded in creating a highly energetic punk rock album.
- Eddie
3 out of 5