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3TARDS, THE: Crystal Balls: CD
When a band adopts the name "The 3tards", you got to wonder what kind of music they are capable of making. However, as "Crystal Balls" proves it, the 3tards are actually talented musicians despite their less than brilliant name. "Over the Top" is an instrumental track full of assailing guitars and break-your-neck drum beats, not bad at all for an opening track. The ten tracks following could be described as Motley Crue meets Clash. While the vocals are comparable to those of the eminent hard rock bands, the instrumental sector is definitely more like the 70's punk rock. "Crystal Balls" perfectly marries the two genres and creates a unique sound. The lyrics on "Crystal Balls" are mostly amusing but at times almost disturbing. ("I like my little dog with a big dick."?) Nevertheless, "Crystal Balls" is a highly entertaining album. The best tracks on the record are "Crystal Balls", "Knife to a Gun Fight", and "New Punk". Although musically speaking, the 3tards are not stellar; they certainly can not be more original. Overall, I would definitely recommend "Crystal Balls" to all rock fans. If not for the music, get it just for the sake of some good entertainment.
Grade: A-