3TARDS, THE: Crystal Balls: CD
Kicking off with an instrumental track that recalls the glory days of crossover, The 3tards kick into their first song of bouncy punk rock with lyrics about well, sniffing glue. The song pretty much sets the tone of the album. Catchy punk rock mixed with ridiculous lyrics and some very cool guitar playing. They sound a bit like a more rock version of the Dayglo Abortions but without a lot of the metal influence in the riffing. I really like the live, natural feel of the record. The band is a bit rough around the edges and that is exactly what you want from a band of this sort. Iím not a huge fan of the layout of the record, but that is a really small complaint. Fans of Dayglo Abortions and silly punk will undoubtedly be able to enjoy this album as it is a fast and hilarious punk record.
4 Skulls