January 12, 2006

Is being immature and obnoxious the key to making entertaining music?

The deliciously juvenile songs of the Toronto band the 3tards suggest it just might be.

Taking a cue from the wildly popular tunes by oddball musicians such as the Beastie Boys and the Bloodhound Gang, the punk boys of the 3tards have begun wowing audiences with their nutty behaviour and ridiculous lyrics.

The band's witty but wacky attitude is present not only in its catchy tunes, but also in its quirky stage antics. Fans never know what to expect from these crazy "Tards"; the band has been known to do everything from performing random stage dives to playing in the nude.

The 3tards are champions at shocking while rocking: they have written songs about everything from sodomy to dog genitals. The band's vulgar edge is never short of wisecracking wit, as can be heard in the off-the-wall tunes on the band's recently released sophomore album, Crystal Balls.

The 3tards bring their humour to Call the Office tomorrow night. The band will perform alongside London's own shock rockers, the Matadors, as well as Damn 13 and Creepshow. Tickets are $7 at the door, and the show starts at 10 p.m.