Johnny Rotten Update!

Without getting into too much of the past I suggest you read my earlier blog {on my personal profile}and then this one.It will help establish the bloody fued that is going on now!! Well last night {Friday March 9th 2007} I was lucky enough to get a VIP pass from the Record Label {Spinerazor} to attend a press conference in Toronto for BODOG battle of the bands competition and reality TV show.It was in Toronto at the new Healeys {very nice venue}.I only went for one reason.One of the Judges is Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols.Him and I have issues.Dont get me wrong I absolutely love him but its hard not to want to wind him up.I love watching him absolutely lose it and its totally his personality to snap.It made him famous.Anyways I got to the venue and he was right there in front of me.Without saying anything I asked for a pic of him with me.WE took it and its an awesome one he was holding my beard.Then I asked him if he remembered me from the show with the sign.He got tottaly pissed.Called me a wanker and walked away from me furious.Mumbling about my beard and I distictly heard him call me an idiot..haha.I love pissing him off.Anyways later on well after the press conference had begun.It started to get quite boring.Generic Questions and pretty tame answers.I looked over at the friend I was standing with {A writer and musician}And I said to him "Watch this..Its time to spice this shit up!".I walked over to the question area and stood and waited my turn.Then when It went quiet I said"I have a question?" Johnny Rotten immediately stood up and said"No questions from you ,you are a professional heckler" I then said to him"I am a local musician"He jumped up again and said "You are a total asshole and I dont want to talk to you" Him and I spouted off things at each other and I asked him if he was ready to apologize for calling me a Lumberjack a few years ago? He was absolutely out of his mind at this point spiting and swearing obcenities at the me.But I totally kept my cool and it made him even madder.He called for security to remove me as I smiled at his apple red face.Then I felt both my arms get grabbed and security escorted me to the door.On the way Out I winked at my friend and Johnny continued to call me every name in the book.I was calm.But I was laughing hysterically inside.Just before I got out the door I distictly remember hearing him say"Dont come back you fuckin asshole!!" HAHA...I didnt want to stay anyways.I got my picture with him.Helped save the boring press conference and continued my Fued with my favorite punk singer of all time {next to Chi Pig of course} So that is my story.I did end up talking to my friend later and he said he continued trashing me well after I had left...He is so predictable..But strangely I love him even more today..HAHA..I woke up this morning and realised not too many people can say Johnny Rotten told them to fuck off twice..haha....John Tard

Well its kind of an old story now but I figured I would share it with all of you. On Monday August 25, 2003, I went to see the Sex Pistols in Toronto at Ontario Place. Well I figured I would bring a big sign with something insulting to piss off The Sex Pistols during their performance - hell it's Johnny Rotten, he loves that kinda thing! The sign said "YOU STILL SUCK!" I held it up about 10 feet from his face about 3 or 4 songs in and in between songs he looked right at me and said, "I may suck mate, but i dont suck you! Now FUCK OFF LUMBERJACK!!" They then left the stage.
- John Tard