Oshawa, Oshawa, Oshawa. Officially the 3tards second home. This was our last show of the tour, and we'd all split up the night before to go home and see our special ladies and friends cuz we couldn't take being in the van together anymore. We all headed in seperately. Gus Tard and I were in the van driving south on the 410 (cuz Gus Tard is MY special lady) and we blew a tire on the tour van. We got it fixed and headed to Oshawa in kind of a miserable mood. But all that changed when we pulled into good old Oshawa and the parking lot surrounding the Dungeon was packed with punk rock fans! Le Tard pulled into the parking lot in his car and he had a flat tire as well. But because the turnout was so great, we couldn't help but all be in excellent moods! The Dead Dogmatics were our main support, so the show was like playing with family, cuz those cats are our friends. Before we played I was backstage putting on my nun suit, battered and bruised, and I said to myself "this is the last show of tour, and I'm leaving it all on the stage." The rest of the Tards felt exactly the same way. Because we not only hit that stage like we owned it, I believe that we played like we've never played before. Something magical happened on that stage that night. I believe that it solidified the band's strength. Le Tard never had as much fun playing with us as he had that night. This lineup is stronger than it's ever been, and moving forward, we will make sure that Oshawa will be a regular stop on our show calendar. Cheers to you Oshawa, we love you, and cheers to everybody, the tour was awesome!
- John Tard