Enter FOX TARD on bass - a hard-working local talent from Toronto who would solidify what it means to be a 3TARD. He would play part of this show absolutely bare-ass naked. The band wouldn't look back now. Four friends on a mission to be remembered forever as one of the wildest hardcore bands to ever come out of this city. We established a friendship with THE MATADORS this night. Super cool guys that absolutely kick ass live and we would see them again soon.
- John Tard

Ah, my first show with THE 3TARDS. I wanted to do something wild so everyone would remember my first appearance with the band. Throughout the set John Tard would periodically ask me if I was getting hot. Whenever he did I would strip off another piece of clothing. Just before our last song, I dropped my boxers and was completely naked behind my bass. Within ten seconds, a bouncer ran to the stage and SCREAMED "PUT YOUR FUCKING PANTS ON RIGHT NOW!!!" I think everyone got a good view of my nads as I hurriedly got dressed. What a great fucking night.
- Fox Tard