On Saturday June 20 THE 3TARDS played an outdoor breast cancer benefit at Memorial Park in downtown Oshawa. It was a rainy day but hundreds of punks still braved the weather to come out to the show thanks to the work of Tamara Morahan of Anterockstar.com, who promoted the event. Of course, three songs into our set the Durham Region Police came and shut us down. Pretty dickishly too, right in mid song. The city showed up and refused to let us finish our set or even play another tune while the crowd was screaming for more. Then the arrests started. All in all a pretty wild day, especially when people dumped dish soap into the park fountain! In all it was a pretty crazy and fun day, and we got a ton of awesome press out of it. We love Oshawa - the only thing we woulda liked would have been to play our song Oshawa for the crowd. Oh well, next time!