Every month we will be choosing one 3TARDS Myspace friend as our TARD OF THE MONTH! Any guy or gal is eligible, but they need a truly creative 3TARD-related picture to qualify. The TARD OF THE MONTH will be featured on our Myspace profile for a full month, as well as in this special section on our Web site, with a link to his or her Myspace profile. So keep sending us those crazy pics of yourself to our Myspace comments or our Myspace E-mail, and you could be chosen for an upcoming month! You MUST be a Myspace user. CLICK HERE to visit THE 3TARDS Myspace profile

There's nothing in the world Murray The Cretin, singer and lead guitar player of Canadian punk rock legends the DAYGLO ABORTIONS, loves more than to throw on a 3TARDS shirt and drink some beer. Well maybe that's not his favourite thing, but he sure seems to be enjoying himself here. That's cuz he's a MAN'S MAN, baby! He's also our AUGUST TARD OF THE MONTH!

THE 3TARDS love Ruby! Whenever we head out to Corner Brook, Newfoundland she treats us like part of her family. We even get stuffed full of lobster! We can't wait to get back there again!

Chi Pig is one of the greatest punk rock singers of all time! The SNFU singer, little John Tard's idol growing up, is now one of our biggest fans! What an absolute blast playing with these guys! And how cool is it that Chi is our OCTOBER 3TARDS OF THE MONTH!

Krystal is a new fan from London, Ontario. As soon as she saw us at the Misfits show she fell in love with us! Now we're her favourite band in the whole world!! Well probably not, we're just making that up, but she sure seems to like us a lot! And we love her!

I seriously can't remember a time since I've been a 3tard that Jason Burk hasn't been a fan of ours. He's come out to shows for years even living out of town, he's brought other people out to see us and made them Tard fans, and he's even brought his kid out with him to see us play. He's a true, long-time, old school fan, and we love him!

MARCH 2008
Nat is a hard core Tard! You can usually find her at one of our shows, hanging out with one of the guys in the band. And she's usually either punching them or calling them horrible names. John Tard loves her so much that he adopted her as his daughter. She's been incredibly helpful with our breast cancer benefits, and as you can see from the pic, she was out getting donations for the cause even before the shows were held. No one could be more fitting on the month of our 3rd annual breast cancer benefit as Nat.

APRIL 2008
John Tard loves Miranda! The other Tards think that they are dating or something, cuz John won't shut up about Miranda, Miranda, MIRANDA! She lives in the 'Shwa so she loves getting Shwa Tarded and taking long walks on the beautiful Oshawa beaches... with John of course!

MAY 2008
Sometimes John Tard wishes that he was married to LoLo, just so she could be LoLo Tard. He thinks that's the coolest name ever! Super cool girl with equally as cool taste in music. Plus John says she's adorable. We love LoLo!

JUNE 2008
Way back when, the first time THE 3TARDS ever appeared on the Ed The Sock show, John Tard and Fox Tard were in the hot tub with two half naked girls and a bunch of rubber duckies with our name all over them. It's fitting years later that a huge fan like Emuhlee would be brandishing a similar duck in her Tard Of The Month shot! We're super proud to have her as our June TARD OF THE MONTH!

JULY 2008
JULIE has been a 3TARDS fan since her former band, Princess Riot, first played our Breast Cancer benefit when she was 16 years old. Now fronting her own kickass band, BLACK CAT ATTACK, Julie still loves her some TARDS! We can't wait to play with her again! And we also can't wait to play with her band! HAHA!

Bianca attended our earliest shows. She was always right up front and ready to rock. She loves cats and retarded punk rock bands. John Tard would have married her if his dogs got along with her cats better. Click her picture to check out her Myspace profile!

Our first show in Victoria, BC was awesome for several reasons, but none moreso than partying with Genny and Kym after the show! And what better way to celebrate our Tard Of The Month one year anniversary than with a double header!

There's so much to say about Scooter. The original Securitard. One of our oldest fans. King of the Kathedral, our second home. Scooter has done so much for the band, professionally and personally, that it's hard to adequately describe what he means to us. We are very, very proud to have him as the first ever male Tard of the Month!! We love you Scooter! Click her picture to check out her Myspace profile!

John Tard invited Mere to come watch THE 3TARDS practice in Brampton once and she stole his favourite sweater. He still loves her, but really misses that sweater. Mere is one of the few things left in Brampton that's actually still cool. If John was 40 years younger he would totally want to date Mere! Click her picture to check out her Myspace profile!

Fat Mike, as you can see, clearly loves to party! He also loves the ladies! And apparently, based on his shirt, he's got a thing for the gay cowboys as well! February is a cold month, but this huge 3TARDS fan is sweating like a pig! We think it's the shirt! We love you Fat Mike!!

MAY 2007
We've loved Karen for just about ever! For years she's been right up front at every single one of our Toronto shows! She knows every word to every song and she is definitely one of the best fans we've ever had! The fact she's supercute is a great bonus too! We love you Karen! Click her picture to check out her Myspace profile!
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JUNE 2007
John Tard won't shut the fuck up about how much he loves Molly. They've met many times at shows, and John is convinced she may be the coolest girl on earth! She made a wicked custom t-shirt and we appreciate her effort, and friendship! Click her picture to check out her Myspace profile!

JULY 2007
Ginger, with her cool black and white picture, is a worthy addition to the Tard Of The Month club. As you can see, she loves the band. And we love her a whole lot too! So congratulations to our July Tard Of The Month! Click her picture to check out her Myspace profile!

Kelsey is super cute! She's also wearing some super amazing homemade 3TARD lingerie! You don't see THAT very often! We love her, and we're proud to announce she's our August TARD OF THE MONTH! Click her picture to check out her Myspace profile!

Lea is awesome! Any gal that is cool enough to have a full wall in her bedroom dedicated to how dumb THE 3TARDS are is okay by us! Click her picture to check out her Myspace profile!

Dee from Brampton is our first ever TARD OF THE MONTH! She was selected for this INCREDIBLE honour because not only is she a huge fan of the band, but she had this amazing custom made shirt just for our November 4, 2006 show at Hype in Brampton. Congratulations, Dee, you're our DEEcember TARD OF THE MONTH! Click her picture to check out her Myspace profile!

Amy is the first TARD OF THE MONTH of 2007! We're incredibly proud to have her as a friend, she's unbelievably supportive, and we can always count on her to be there when we need a friend the most! Here you can see just how much Amy loves John Tard, putting him in her most special place, just right of her heart! Click her picture to check out her Myspace profile!

Erika is our Valentine's TARD OF THE MONTH! We love her so much that we decided she would be our Valentine to all of you! We're super stoked whenever we see her at a show, and now we can look at her every day for all of February! How awesome is that? So congratulations Erika, you totally kick ass! Click her picture to check out her Myspace profile!

MARCH 2007
What more can we say about Courtney that this awesome picture doesn't already say? Anytime you have a girl that'll wear a 3tards shirt and a bullet belt, how can you go wrong? She's a huge fan of the band, and we're huge fans of her! Click her picture to check out her Myspace profile!

APRIL 2007

Amanda has been a fan and friend for a few years now and she is incredibly deserving of Tard of The Month honours. She loves the band and we love her right back. She is as creative and crazy as she is gorgeous. A wild gal with an incredible sense of humour... the perfect girl! Click her picture to check out her Myspace profile!