TORONTO AUGUST 18, 2006 - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Tard's Club Band

Nice pink shades!

Gus Tard loving those gold shoulders!

Crazy fucks!>

Fox Tard assumes the position!

Fox Tard takes a nap!

John Tard, jealous of Fox Tard, takes a break of his own!

BRAMPTON AUGUST 19, 2006 - Van's packed and ready to go

Honk if you think THE 3TARDS suck!

Le Tard apparently thinks THE 3TARDS suck bad!

MONTREAL AUGUST 19, 2006 - Entering Quebec

Cafe Chaos>

3tards Roadie cooks up some filet mignon in the alleyway behind the club

Le Tard loves his meat!

Need we say more?

Fox Tard gets some tail!

Good morning poutine!

Le Tard's in cheese curd heaven!

John Tard takes a roadside poutine shit!

John Tard zipping up>

Fox Tard's fucked up allergy eyes

RIVIERE-DU-LOUP AUGUST 20, 2006 - Crazy waterfall boys!

John Tard was overwhelmed by the romantic waterfall

HALIFAX AUGUST 22, 2006 - Entering Nova Scotia

Gay cowboy Le Tard loves his little camera purse!

Citadel Hill with the newest Tard

Which way is the wind blowing?

Super cool tough guy promo pick at Halifax harbour>

This fucking tugboat really pissed us off!

Poutine AND a Donair??!?

Wrong way? Guess we should head home...

Le Tard could kick Winston's ass!

Lazy-ass 3tarded Roadie

Gus Tard at Gus' Pub

You know you've made it when...

Le Tard should have thought ahead...>

Very impressive, Merch Tard

John Tard shows Nikki and Meagan his moves

BBQ Tard? Or 3tard Roadie? You decide

MONCTON AUGUST 23, 2006 - Entering New Brunswick

Marshmallow Burger Heaven!

Paramount Lounge

I think we can all agree on BBQ Tard

Keeping John Tard at bay in the van!>

Dreaming of poutine...

Sunrise in Nova Scotia

NEWFOUNDLAND FERRY AUGUST 24, 2006 - Fox Tard loves boats!

John Tard and his groupies

The boys chill in the berth on the boat

The Atlantic Ocean

"I'm king of the world!"

4 semen, I mean Seamen>

Roadie's toupee blows off

John Tard's ex-boyfriend is not happy with John's new boyfriend - Gus Tard

Newfoundland ho!

Entering Newfoundland

Creepy van Tards!

CORNER BROOK AUGUST 25, 2006 - Jamming with Gus Tard's dad and his band

Le Tard gets some blues action into him

This guy had his arm cut off by a chop saw and had it reattached - AND CAN STILL PLAY GUITAR!>

John Tard's broken toe from a Moncton stage-diving mishap

New Kids shirt and an axe - sounds like a fun Friday night!

Something about Fox Tard playing video games gets John Tard all horny

Pretty in Pink with Gus Tard's cousin Natalie


Gus Tard and his shit fish!

All John Tard caught was the Newfie flu!

The only 3TARDS that really matter!

John Tard kisses Gus Tard's parents' ass!

Gus Tard and his folks Gus Sr. and Jean

This picture looks staged, but it's not... Fox Tard and John Tard actually passed out like this!

Gus Sr. can't believe the idiots his son hangs out with!

Le Tard with Gus's Aunt Ruby and Natalie

Gus Tard's Mom's homemade bread... MMMMMMM!

Gus Tard and Le Tard discuss Fox & John sleeping together on the couch

Le Rastard!

John Tard gives Gus's mom a big juicy Mainlander kiss!

Fox Tard drinks from the Monster Jug - he wasn't seen for three days

Le Tard likes his woman small and his beers GIGANTIC!

Natalie, Fox & Ruby

True love - forever together!

Gus Tard on drums in his hometown for the first time ever!

Le Tard is rocking out!

John Tard's ridiculous green microphone>

3tard Roadie and Ruby

John Tard breaks SOMETHING again...

The old after-show party!

ST. JOHN'S AUGUST 26, 2006 - On the way to the East Coast

John Tard makes some room in the van... by taking off his pants

Look out St. John's!

John Tard shoots the shit with some of the local 3TARDS fans

These guys drove 7 hours from Corner Brook just to see us twice in two nights!>

Jane and her boyfriend assault a sleeping Fox Tard

McLobster is Back!


Le Tard breaks free of the moose trap, but can't find his way out!

John Tard puts his vibrating toothbrush in Roadie's hand for half an hour before he notices... there was some moaning though...

Le Tard's sculpture - the only pussy any of us saw all trip!

Computer punk Tards - keeping up on our myspaces

Fox Tard describes his dick to the local radio station right before John Tard got on the air!>

Eating some moose meat from Gus's family that the club cooked up for us

Fuck does Le Tard love to eat!

Baba's Lounge

Charlottetown should quit smoking

Soundcheck at Baba's

Fox Tard takes a snooze at Dr. Unk's place

PEI free to get in, $40.50 to leave on Confederation Bridge

"We're going back to fucking New Brunswick again??!?">

FREDERICTON AUGUST 30, 2006 - Re-entering New Brunswick (for like the fifth time, including drive-throughs)

Le Tard finally snaps and goes after John Tard - Jim Duggan style!

John Tard avoids the evil Le Tard rabbit ears!

Pre-show BBQ with promoter Remy and the Rocking Argentos

John Tard talking shit again in his stupid green shoes

Mmmmm moose steaks and moose burgers

Bugaboo Creek

Le Tard and Fox Tard with promoter Remy and his door guy>

3 beers for a 3TARDS!

The old Nude Tard!

The boys kick Fredericton's ass!

And then John Tard goes down!

"I'll Be Back, Fredericton"

KINGSTON AUGUST 31, 2006 - Back in Ontario

Don't feed the birds sugar cubes

Fox Tard could take no more of John Tard's bullshit!>

Fox Tard ass-aults John Tard in the front seat!


OSHAWA SEPTEMBER 1, 2006 - The van blows a tire on the 410!

Sheldon comes and changes the tire!

Le Tard blows a tire of his own at the same time!

The Dungeon

Finger Puppet Tards

Fox Tard seeks new employment!>

End of the tour, 7500 kilometres, 1 broken toe, and a lifetime of hilarious stories to tell!