With the greatest license plate of all time!

A 3TARDS history in van form

The TARDS hit the road!>

Roadie is actually good for something!

The 5 TARDS hit Quebec!

Roadie finds a second skill on the side of the highway

Montreal chicks love a sweet ride! (L'HEMISPHERE GAUCHE, MONTREAL)

They also LOVE Fox Tard!

Le Tard robbed Roadie of his hat and stole his job, just like a Frenchman>

Dee Tard is obviously PSYCHED to be on the road!

Blowing the roof off of Montreal!

We love this town!

outside the club

Jesus Fucking Christ! We're in goddamn New Brunswick again!

Nothing luckier than a smoking baby!!!

John Tard wishes he was in the front seat

Fox Tard slacking off

In Moncton, at THE MANHATTAN, THE 3TARDS get the love!


At Jay's house in Moncton

Loading up for some FROGGY STYLE!

Roadie drives in New Brunswick

John Tard man-beds Le tard

Keith Tard hijacks the van

He's real proud of himself too!

Welcome back to NOVA SCOTIA

The boys in front of GUS'S PUB, HALIFAX

Leaving the mainland heading for NEWFOUNDLAND

Riding the ferry, looking for whales

Welcome to The Rock!

And then we got to Ruby's house in CORNER BROOK>

And she promptly pulled out DOZENS OF FUCKING LOBSTERS!

At which point Le Tard came in his pants!

He then went berserk and attacked Keith Tard with a giant cobra!

But Keith Tard, being the lover that he is, made very close friends with the snake

The beast attacks Le Tard!

But he also makes friends, and soon has a new hat!

All the best Newfie beer!

Back at the Pynn's residence with Jeannie!

Ruby made us the best breakfast in HISTORY!

Then everyone decided to get their hair cut!

Keith Tard was the first to be buzzed!

Then Dee Tard took his turn!

His first mohawk!

John Tard immediately fell in love with him!

It took awhile, but John Tard was finally able to feed his Facebook addiction!

Playing in Corner Brook, at WHELAN'S GATE>

These guys LOVE THE 3TARDS

Fox Tard is ready to be SCREECHED IN!

The time has come!

But first he has to make out with his new girlfriend

And slip her the tongue...

The certificates are ready!


Dee Tard takes a shot of Screech!>

And he's number two!

Keith Tard cockblocks Fox Tard with the codfish, and becomes gets his certificate!

John Tard's not sure about this Screech stuff

But he sucks it up and pulls it off!!

Le Tard meanwhile has no issues at all, and can't fucking wait!

He looks a little Screeched OUT though

Roadie doesn't know WHAT the fuck is going on

But he's last in the club!!>

Barbecuing on Signal Hill in ST. JOHN'S


Playing ST. JOHN'S

Fox Tard fixes his bass on the side of the highway

But of course fucking Roadie has to stop

At the MUSIPLEX CENTRE in FREDERICTON, Fox Tard was ejected mid song due to nudity, and John Tard had to take over bass playing duties! Fox Tard is very nervous at this development

John Tard passes out with his shoes on FINALLY

Knowing John Tard is from the COCK family of England put his mind at ease though>


The end of the tour erupts into a Battle Royale as the Tards can't stand the sight of each other anymore!>