At the airport

John's sleep mask

Le Tard is already sick of Keith

The mancuddling begins>

Mr. Plow not too impressed to pick us up in Vancouver

Punkorama Vancouver

John Tard with Pearl Jam!

The mancuddling continueth

On Nardwuar radio show!

Le Tardwuar!

The Fox family porn theatre

Fox is THE DUDE!>

At The Cobalt, Vancouver

Coolest pole EVER!

John with his idol, Mr. Chi Pig from SNFU!

Fox Tard and Chi Pig

Le Tard with Cobalt owner Wendy

Fox Tard gets a kiss!

Fox and Le Tard with Chi Pig

The infamous John Tard/Chris Walters street fight outside the Cobalt!>

Le Tard looks tiny next to Chris!

John slips Wendy the tongue!

Let the Tardeth beginneth!

Keith Tard in full form!

Keith Tard STILL in full form!

Vancouver LOVES the 3TARDS!

The tour posse (Plow hates being seen with us losers)

Whale astern! On the way to Victoria>

Rockin out Logan's Pub, Victoria

With Willy Jak from Dayglo

Some rich guys came in a Bentley

Hanging out with Jesus Bonehead of the Dayglos at his shop

Everyone's tired after the all-male van orgy

Tour Van Freeze-a-thon 4000! With Roadie

What the fuck is this thing supposed to be? And why is it in Whistler?

The mancuddling continues with the invention of THE MANBED!>

Fox Tard can't take John Tard's shit ANYMORE!

Neither can Plow... and it's only DAY 3!

Rockin out for the snowboarders in Whistler!

Plow is ignoring John Tard's tirade, and John Tard is PISSED!

Looking for Bigfoot in the mountains!

Alberta, baby!

Thank god for this sign...

Le Tard's mouth was drooling!>

Red Deer - the prettiest promoters in Canada!

Red Deer - just before the Battle Royale, LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!

Fox Tard better watch out in Edmonton!

John and Lexi - cutest couple EVER!

John Tard gets his ass kicked by a GIRL in Edmonton!

Mr. Big Dick! That name again is MR. BIG DICK!

The infamous Sofa Set!

The crowd enjoys the sofa action!>

Plow succumbs to the awesomeness of MANCUDDLING!

The secret to John Tard's wrinkle-free eyes!

Fox Tard's marshmallow ice cream! FUCKING GROSS DUDE!

Close call with that evening's dinner!

Back to BC!

Behind the club in Golden

Justin Timberlake's bringing sexy back, John Tard's bring brown cordouroy back, in Golden!

Ole Brown Eye!>

The Ho Away From Home!

The view from John Tard's hotel room in Canmore

Snowing in Canmore... it was 28 degrees C in Toronto that day!

Plow rocks the old Sodomy Road!

Fox Tard scared the crowd away with his nudity

Roadie's pre-dirtified cowboy hat!

Keith Tard get's some cock in the face - you snooze you lose!

Cheesy chip to the nose!

Mountain goats sniffin ass!


Guitar Hero is the only place Fox Tard can actually play an instrument! In Calgary

Fox has a tail!

Keith Tard goes for the giant cock!

Le Tard and Plow are PISSED at each other on the way back to BC

Rockin the hippie bar in Kelowna, final stop

Keith and Le writing the third album

Roadie's chasing the van cuz we're sick of him and his bullshit

What we did to him when he finally caught up

John Tard's new girlfriend Honey back in Vancouver

The final tour shot with Plow - he broke down and cried! (Tears of joy)

Fox Tard trying to fit his formerly checked luggage into the carry-on sizer after putting all his weight on it

At the airport in Vancouver

John's hiding his tears now that the tour's over

Ole Sleepy Tard!>