On March 3, 2007, John Tard and Fox Tard tied the knot live on stage at the Forgotten Rebels show. Father Eddie Earwig of the Heatskores performed the ceremony, while Le Tard and Gus Tard acted as best men. It was the first ever live onstage gay punk rock wedding! What a magical night!!!

Father Eddie reads from the good book!

John and Fox contemplate the horror of being stuck together forever

The shackles - I mean rings - are prepared

Fox tries to slip John the tongue! Tyler of the Antics is not impressed...

It's official - with these rings, John and Fox are screwed for life!

John Tard is fucking PSYCHED to be married to a man!

FOx Tard however has turned to drinking at the thought...

Gus Tard gives his two-finger blessing to the nuptials!

Le Tard is SHOCKED that they actually went through with it

If you look closely, you can see hundreds of guys crying at the idea that John Tard and Fox Tard are now off the market forever!